ConnXtion Retreat Center

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The spirit behind building the ConnXtion Retreat Center is to provide a “kid”-friendly place with a sacred touch.

Almost like a creature evolving, the heart of the building took form and took on a personality of its own. Bunks were placed around the upstairs’ walls on both ends of the building which, along with floor space, allow for overnight sleeping accommodations for as many as 50 people. The open spaces were filled in with novelty games:

  • Foosball
  • Rug Ball
  • Mini-Basketball
  • Pool Table
  • Ping Pong

Also added were TV/DVD and CD equipment. Most importantly, there is plenty of space to hang out.

The fireplace located in the center of the building is one of the major attractions of the building. A fire welcomes winter guests who gather round for good old-fashioned fireside chats. The restrooms are ample for overnight guests, including wash basins and showers.

A large grassy playing field east of the building was added along with an outdoor basketball court. Much later a miniature golf course was added and it has become a favorite pastime. A major plus to the facility is a swimming pool big enough for swimming and small enough for horsing around.

The building has a silent way of encouraging guests spiritually. Every item, be it a picture, wood carving, or a “saying” placed on the walls, tells a story. Symbolism is the spirit of the art pieces, objects to represent something abstract. The art pieces help the building “talk”.

The ConnXtion Retreat Center has gained a popular place in the hearts of the surrounding communities. Churches use it for youth and adult retreats; families use it for reunions.