Fall Breakaway Trip


Center out of Wandering Wheels

September 8  September 15

Application.pdf            Policies.pdf              Risks.pdf

After 32 years of Fall Breakaway tours, 2017 will be number 33!  The success of the Fall Breakaway is not only the cycling, but the good fellowship!

Since the 2015 team liked centering out of Wandering Wheels’ home base, we’ll do the same for the 2017 tour.  The theme for 2017 will be in the nature of good local visits and one extended motel night.  Should be fun!  The amount of riding optional.

Trail Fee: $575

Non-refundable deposit: $100

Includes the following:

  • Wheels’ sag
  • Team shirt
  • Lodging
  • Several meals per riding week.  Participants will be responsible to buy all other meals.

Optional Expenses: (not included in trail fee)

  • Bike rental – $50
  • Daily spending money (over and above meals you must purchase)
  • Bike repairs – All bike repair labor will be charged, and repair parts sold, at a fair price. Please be prepared to pay for these when repairs are made.

Application.pdf           Policies.pdf              Risks.pdf